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Reinventing the University Experience

Founded to equip the nation’s most creative and outside the box thinkers. For the kids that grew up watching random creatives achieve generational wealth through doing what they love… We realized that the current education options are simply behind the trends. 86% of children nowadays want to become a content creator. But how could you expect to learn how to become a viral, content making machine from professors that began teaching before the internet was even invented? We create the trends, while they can barely unlock their phones. California Creator’s Institute is reinventing the university experience. Join us at our content mansions in Los Angeles, California or enroll for CCI Online, an interactive way to learn directly from the world’s leading content creators. Get direct access to all the tips and tricks used at the top of the industry and develop lifelong friendships with these influencers. Apply for California Creator’s Institute today!

What You Get

By joining us in Los Angeles, you will be part of a 20 student class that will work directly beside our team learning the ins and outs of the industry. This class of creators will be competing for “Viraledictorian” who will earn their entire tuition back.  

By enrolling you will receive:

  • 1 Semester at CCI
  • Room & Board
  • Meal Plan
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • A Full Time Personal Editor
  • Priceless Influencer Connections
  • Fully Personalized Creator Education & Coaching 
  • CCI Diploma 

Learn from the best if you want to be the best.


It truly cannot be put into words the amount of value that will be created from being a part of this and being entered into this network, getting an inside scoop on the tricks and mindsets of people who were just in a similar spot a couple years ago.

Meet The Team


Content Creator From Canada

IG: @colty_ 332k+
TIKTOK: @coltyy 10M+
YOUTUBE: Coltyy 3M+


Former Disney Channel Star
“Cory” From Cory in the House

IG: @kylemassey 580k+
TIKTOK: @kylemassey 1.1M+


CEO of FlicApp

IG: @justicewebber 19k+
TIKTOK: @justicewebber 74k+


IG: @jeffxtingz 209k+
TIKTOK: @jeffxtingz 3M+


Professional Basketball Player

IG: @mkiatipis 124k+
TIKTOK: @mkiatipis 182k+


IG: @bdavve 56k+
TIKTOK: @bdavee 474k+

With a combined following of over 30M, our team has the resources and expertise to educate and guide you through the process of becoming a creator. 

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