California Creator's Institute




What is CCI?

The California Creators Institute is one of its kind. A school dedicated to expanding and sharing the knowledge of an internet creator; from the world's top creators themselves.

Our Mission

As social networks continue to grow, becoming a creator turns more into a real life job. At CCI, it is our mission to assist those who want to “go viral”, and make a living off of social media's biggest platforms including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Flic, etc.

Why CCI?

CCI’s reach is both local and international. With professors from all across North America, the overall fan base surpasses the multi millions.

There is nowhere on earth that offers the experience CCI offers. You have access to the resources, the people, the platform, and the formula to going viral every time.

How does CCI Work?

CCI works the exact same as your typical University or College without the systemization and useless ‘homework’. At CCI our main goal is to make you a STAR. And to do that, you need to master the art of being a creator. Creators create. They make content that people enjoy watching. And that content makes money.

Learning how to make content (the theories & ideas behind it)

Making the content (tools, lighting, angles, etc)

Pushing the content (how to end up high on the algorithm for the best chances of going viral)

Continuing to go viral (how to continue building your audience to become a star)

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How do I become a Creator?